Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enjoying The Season C. L. Kay Summer In Chicago Graphic Grant ParkI notice I haven’t posted in quite a few weeks. There’s a simple reason for that. I’ve been enjoying the season!  Summers in Chicago are far too short and too easily allowed to slip by. I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing with books and movies, listening to bird song outside my window, watching the neighborhood ignite into a fervor of human activity and feeling the moist caress of Summer’s kiss on my skin.

I hate Winter. I know what you’re thinking: “You live in Chicago! Winter should be in your blood.” And perhaps it is. Furthermore, that is most likely the reason for my despise.  Winter is dark, sullen, heavy, depressing, and above all COLD. Not at all good for the spirit. Perhaps one day I’ll move to a warmer climate where I can enjoy temperance on a regular basis. Preferably, somewhere that nature lives in better harmony with civilization. But for now I’m going to focus on making the most of what little bright, tangy, uplifting Summer that I can. 

We’ve come upon on the threshold of August and I can already feel Earth’s orbit once again transporting me toward that desolate of seasons.The days have noticeably shortened. Summer’s swan song string of 90-degree temperatures has arrived, heralding the coming Autumn.

And with the coming of Autumn so close at hand, I am grateful for one very important thing: the emergence of a potentially fruitful collaboration with two wonderfully positive and talented ladies with equal desire to carve a niche in the world of fiction. That’s right, a writer’s group. It has all the makings of success and through the end of glorious Summer and the calming luxury of colorful Autumn we’re sure to come upon a rhythm that aids us all in beating back the breath of big, bad Winter. We have goals (my personal goal being to complete a first draft before the new year), we have enthusiasm, and most important of all we have moxie!

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