Monday, April 6, 2015


As you may know, a revised draft of my primary novel-in-progress was read and reviewed by a group of trusted beta-readers. While all agree that the story concept is good and the action engaging, there is a certain lack of empathy toward some of the characters. Particularly toward an individual who is essential to the story's conclusion. C. L. Kay Don't Over Edit Blog Graphic
I couldn't help but wonder how characters that I'm so invested in and in love with have come across unlikable on the page. Luckily, one of my readers tackled both drafts of this story. She pointed out that I edited the heart out of my novel. It lost its magic. I cut and trimmed so much of what I assumed were extraneous details that I left my characters naked. They lacked critical back story, motivations, and reasoning in the second draft.

So I find myself in a stalemate. My creative/receptive side is in a proverbial stare down with my logical/critical side. It is obvious now that this tale is bigger than what my two planned novels can handle. I am going to continue to work on the conclusion and reanalyze the project as a whole upon completion. Perhaps it is a trilogy after all--as much as the cliche irks me.

It is difficult to quell the inner goblin after receiving constructive criticism. Especially since this revelation means I will again have to push back my publication date. So in the mean time I'm working on a different story as well as painting. I think it is wise to step away from what is vexing me and refill my subconscious.