Monday, August 29, 2011

It's All Inside

A page from an eighth grade autobiography showing the author wants to be a writer when they grow up

The above image is the last page of an autobiography I wrote for a final project in Eighth Grade English. It appears that my thirteen-year-old self knew her destiny even if my adult self spent loads of time denying it.

I opened every door I came across during my young adult life. I searched for something new or better--something that clicked. I went to four different colleges. I majored in Law Enforcement, English, and Interior Design before coming full circle and receiving a BA in Fiction Writing. What I've learned is that the answers are inside me. If I search deep enough and honestly enough, I can't go wrong. 

I'm glad that I saved this autobiography. It serves to underscore my desire to share stories with whoever is willing to read them. I wish I could go back in time, hug that thirteen-year-old girl and tell her to seize her dream and never look back. She was wiser than she gave herself credit for.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Flip Side

I often hear unpublished writers say that they are fearful of the process or that people will not like their work. It is true that there will be people out there who won’t like what you have to offer. This is true for everything from art to politics to science. Someone will be there to voice their dislike. It’s simply human nature to be opinionated. This is what gives our world such immense diversity and color. 

Why not focus on the flip side of this?

There will always be someone who enjoys your work! It is now easier than ever to reach millions of people with minimal effort. The numbers game alone dictates that there will be people out there who will connect with your stories. Put those fears aside and deliver something. In time you will build your brand and with it your audience. 

On that note, I have a novel to finish! So I’ll leave you with this quote from Sylvia Plath: C. L. Kay Enemy To Creativity Sylvia Path Quote Aged Paper Texture